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Camden Produce Market

Macarthur Growers Pty.Ltd trading as Camden Fresh Produce Market

Contact us at: camdenproducemarket@hotmail.com

Market Mobile 0477 224 881

To get notification of market information ( when the markets are on, market special events, stall specials and market cancellations ) simply give your email to the market coordinator at the market (This information is confidential and not passed on to any third party)


Mowbray Park Produce.

Grace and Alison Vassallo.

We grow the very best of produce at our market garden in Mowbray Park and you can make your choice here at the market or come and see our extensive supply of fruit and vegetables plus the huge range of specialty gourmet foods at our shop located at 1/29 Oaks Street Thirlmere.

Highland Gourmet Potatoes.

Robyn Jackson and Norman Gair.

(02) 4887 7415

Email: bigspud@acenet.com.au

F and H Galea Sons Pty Ltd. Seasonal Vegetables.

The Galea family have been farming in the Macarthur region for over forty years growing cabbages, several varieties of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, celery as well as seasonal crops such as Russian garlic, corn and pumpkins.

Luigis Vegetables and Herbs.


H.P Sproule and Sons.

Peter Sproule and Robyn.


Wanaka Orchards

Contact: Jim Ironsides.

Our orchard has been in operation for over 25 years so you're assured that all our fruit has a long and healthy history. We produce many varieties of stone fruit including Peaches, Plums, Nectarines and Apricots. During winter months you'll enjoy our citrus fruits such as Naval and Blood oranges, Mandarins, Pink and Yellow Grapefruit.

Our stall is in conjunction with Oakdale Nuttery  which has been producing Pecan Nuts for the last 35 years. One of the Nutteries most popular lines is our Chemical Free dried fruits inc. Apple, Banana and Persimmons.

Top 40 Orchard

Lynette Ridout. We sell seasonal tree ripened stonefruit, apples, gourmet pumpkins and other vegetables in season, a range of traditional based fruit jellies (spreads) such as apple and quince. Our family owned orchard was established in 1948 at 1755 Burragorang Rd. Oakdale. Open from last week in November, select your own Christmas tree any weekend 9.00 to 5.00 right up until Christmas.
Contact 0429 300 474. We have a roadside stall 7 days a week.

Montrose Farm Oranges.
Fresh and juicy oranges plus freshly squeezed juice.

Razorback Olive Grove.

Aydin and Danny Fahre.
Phone (02) 4636 6927
Mobile 0425 281 613

Our famous Cheese making classes are available. Ask us for details and times.

We carry 14 different Pesto and Spreads.
Fresh Turkish pide (bread), Gourmet olives, all locally grown.
Hand made sweets, Baklava, Cannolli with freshly made Ricotta.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Seasonal jams, all home grown and made with passion by Danny and Ayden.


Leaning Oak Cheese.

Welcome to Leaning Oak...

the ultimate farm to plate experience

Leaning Oak Winery & Dairy is NSW only Sheep & Goat Dairy & Cheese Factory. Leaning Oak’s mission is to provide our customers with a “Farm to Plate” experience, all our cheeses are hand made using milk from our much loved goats and sheep.

Country Valley.

John Fairley: (02) 4677 2223

We currently operate a dairy farm that runs about 145 head of cattle, which are a Freisian/Jersery cross. The dairy farm itself is on roughly 300 acres, which is situated in a valley about five minutes out of the Picton township.
Our milk comes straight from our cows to the plant and then out to our customers, with very little transport involved. Milk is a bit like fruit, it bruises easily and the quality can be lowered if it is not treated carefully. Our milk is extremely fresh and therefore the shelf life is longer, up to seventeen days on the label but it actually keeps longer than that.

Full Cream, Lite Milk, Slim Milk, Organic Milk.
Natural Yoghurt, Plain Yoghurt
Classic Cream
We will also be selling Cedar Creek Apple Juice and Small Cow Farm Cheese.
Learn more about us and our farm at www.countryvalley.com.au


Hendrika Visser. 0409 077 669

  • Orchids - Cut Flowers and Pots
  • Other Plants
  • Chickens (Backyard Layers, Chinese Silkies)

Iris Growers of NSW.

Fred and Kathy Fraser. 2nd Saturday each month.

Phone: (02)4647 1921

Mobile: 0419 609 537

Specialising in unusual plants, we have over 600 Tall Bearded Iris in every colour imaginable. There are also 100 Median Iris, great for small gardens and windy areas.
For ponds or wet areas, you must see our Louisiana Iris in all shades.
Then there are 600 Day Lilies with colours that will just make you stop. There are doubles, singles and many multicoloured. Many flower twice a year.

We carry a large range of Hippeastrums, China Lilies,Epiphyllums, Hoyas and Zygocactus.
See us at Camden Produce Market 2nd Saturday each month or Picton Creative Traders Market 1st Sunday each month.


Patio Plants.

Carmen and Neil Duncan: 4th Saturday each month
0409 551 056
Email: pplants@bigpond.net.au

A large range of pots and seedlings containing herbs and vegies as well as uncommon herbs.
Come buy the best and freshest herbs and vegetables you've ever grown.
Best quality guaranteed.

Lavinia (Plant selection).

Providing high quality locally grown and sourced plants. Our prices are affordable to suit your budget needs. We also provide bulk, large pre-orders of plants. So come and talk to us and see our market specials for the day.

Hedges and Edges.

Len Hollingworth
Phone 0408 898 573. Email rostallean@gmail.com

For all your hedging needs.

For Hedges, we suggest Photinia, Pittostrum, Indian Hawthorn or Viburnum. Edges can look perfect by using Mondo Grass, Buxus or Liriope.

If you're looking for advice on just what plant to use, we can help. Ask us about hedge and edge design, plant lay-out, plant health and upkeep.

Community Gardens Herbs.

Contact Community Project Officer/Community Gardens - Steve Cooper on 0467531972.  

If you'd like to know more about our Herbs and Gardens go to Camden Community Garden


Amanti Caffé.

Jeff and Sylvia McCracken.
We serve a wide range of quality coffees and flavoured coffee syrups, a variety of teas and milk to suit all tastes. (Full cream, skim and soy)
We also have a full range of iced coffees, mochas. Chai Latte and chocolate, a limited amount of soft drinks including poppers, orange juice and bottled water.
We have a new range of fruit smoothies now available in Mango, Banana & Mixed Berry
Our food includes Sandwiches, Raisin Toast, muffins, cakes, biscuits and banana bread.
• Gourmet Latte's • Caramel • Irish Cream • Hazelnut
We now have 2 different sized facilities for Markets or Events.
Mobile: 0411 260 060. Email: jands@pacific.net.au


La Casa Del Chorizo.

Email: lacasadelchorizo@ymail.com

Delicious Spanish/South American Chorizo (sausage) on
a roll or 'The Best' Bacon and Egg Rolls. 'Mum's' Special Sauce also available.

Suzie's Gozleme

Contact: Suzie and Faden Tunc
Ph: (02) 98324840

"Tastry hot pastry with a filling of your choice." Eat fresh.
Suzie's Gozleme has a large menu with meat, vegetarian and dessert options.
We use only the finest quality ingredients to produce the greatest tasting Gozleme's for your enjoyment.

Aussie Health Snax.

Gluten Free Healthy Snacks & Muesli.
Contact Vince Mobile: 0413 773 943
Email: vince@aussiesnax.com.au

All products are Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free.
Made with 100% healthy wholefood ingredients. Our delicious treats have no added sugar making them Diabetic friendly. You can find out more at www.aussiehealthsnax.com.au

Shepherds Bakehouse Pasties and Sausage Rolls.
We are essentially an artisan bakery that produces a wide range of quality health & gourmet food to an ever changing society. In this regard, we have combined traditional hand-made artisan baking methods, spanning many centuries, to meet modern demands for quality, healthy and palatable food.
Producing a large variety of products including artisan bread, gourmet pasties, and specialty cakes. Indeed, we believe we produce the largest range of sourdough bread in Australia (and growing!).
Ph: 02 97867697
Fax: 02 94754570
Email: shepherdsbakehouse@hotmail.com


Kerries Jams and Chutneys.

All my products use fresh, local produce and are seasonal.
They contain no man-made chemicals or preservatives or any sinister E numbers.
My delicious home made products include preserved lemons and limes, lemon curd and in season, apple jelly.
All jams and chutneys are now available in two sizes .... 110ml and 190ml.

"If they don't taste good I don't cook them" Come and try before you buy.

Kerrie Smith.
Contact details: Phone 4655 8174. Email: kerrie@kerrieslarder.com

I am proud to announce some wins in Mudgee Fine Food Awards;
Gold ......... Brandied Cumquat marmalade
Silver ......... Chilli Jam
Bronze .........Cointrea and Lemonade Marmalade
Lemon Curd

Coolong Gourmet Pasta, Sauces and Cherries.
All of our products are using the freshest ingredients available , sourced throughout Australia.
Contact us on mobile:0428597613

Abudante Tomatoes and Sauces.

Rhonda's Jams, Pickles and Cakes.


Oak Organics

Phone / Fax: (02) 4657 1475

Mobile: 0414 377 503

Email: oaksorganics@oaksorganics.com.au

"Oak Organics" was established in September 2001 by Peter and Julie Clinch to supply open-range meat, chickens and eggs. The farm is located at The Oaks which is approximately 70 km from Sydney. We also run organically grown Poll Hereford beef cattle. We are certified 'A' Grade by OFC Organic Food Chain #0505.

More information and prices can be found at www.oakorganics.com.au

Smoked Chickens.
Home Smoked Chickens.

 Smoked Chickens and Dips.

Beefalicious Fresh Beef and BBQ.

Beefalicious delivers direct from our paddock to your plate, delicious packs of prime quality grass fed Ausline and Lowline Beef.Our cattle are free of antibiotics, hormones and growth promotants producing natural tasty, tender beef that is a fabulous healthy alternative for your family it has:

  • - Up to 60% more Omega 3 than grain fed beef
  • - 3 times as much Vitamin E than grain fed beef
  • - Twice as much beta-carotene (Vitamin A) than grain fed beef

Contact details mobile : 0409 776 777 fax : 02 4869 4776

 Berry Organic Sourdough Bakery.
(02) 4464 3366

To pre-order your bread, call or text to (02) 4464 3366 or email 'sales@berrysourdough.com.au'
Berry Woodfired Organic Sourdough Bread is truly Sourdough using traditional artisan methods. It is made from a natural leaven, organic stone ground flour, purified water and salt.

No other ingredient or bakers yeast is added.

Our breads are divided and shaped by hand, left to rise in Willow baskets and then baked in a Woodfired Oven to produce high quality, authentic Woodfired Sourdough.

Website www.berrysourdough.com.au


Oakdale Honey.


The Sponge Slice Company.

Home baked cakes, slices and biscuits.

Prickle Farm Baked Cakes.

Christmas Puddings.


Doris Camilleri brings you the sweetest Strawberries.
Our Strawberries and Tomatoes are the best available locally. The ground is prepared in February, we start planting in June and by September, we're in full swing.
All are hand picked to ensure only the best are sent to market. Fresh vegetables has been our business since 1980.

J and S Zammit. Strawberries.

Joe and Sylvia Zammit from Austral are dedicated in producing premium quality
homegrown and handpicked strawberries.
Come and taste their deliciously sweet strawberries at the market or
visit their farm and buy direct by contacting Joe on 0419 974 906



Lavinia Artisan Soaps

Phone 02 4683 2239
All our products are pure, simple and natural and made from the finest food-grade organic ingredients available.
All blended to create bath and skin sensation.
No pesticides, no pertochemicals and no herbicides.
Every soap bar is made with individual attention.


House of de Carteret .

Email. contactme@houseofdecarteret.com.au
Valerie 0407 230 857

Our unscented soaps are created specifically for sensitive skins that are irritated,inflamed and flaky, including rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.
All of Down the Lane Goats Milk Soaps are free of chemicals, animal fats and palm oil. Hand made with rich, creamy, Goats Milk along with a special blend of skin loving, moisturising oils.

With a PH that is complimentary to the animals skin, this soap will give any animal (horses, cows, dogs, goats, ferrets, cats and more) a noticeably odour free, healthier and shinier coat. Not only will the coat feel softer and stronger, the soap will help soothe and contain most skin irritations thus stopping animals biting and rubbing which in turn allows the normal healing process. Also repels biting insects e.g. ticks, fleas, mozzies, and those dreaded botflies.


Kemps Creek Farm Mushrooms.


Razorback Ridge Wines.
We're at the market on the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Contact: Pat Mason 0416 521 753
email: rpmason@bigpond.com
The Razorback Ridge vineyard is located at the base of the Razorback Range in Menangle, NSW. It is just minutes from Camden in the Macarthur region. Our vines are hand pruned and handpicked to ensure premium quality fruit, they were planted in 2000.
Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon - Chardonnay - Verdelho – Shiraz

Our wine is made on site in our newly built winery by owner and winemaker Richard Mason. Our cellar door offers a relaxed picturesque setting to sit and enjoy a wine and a catch up with friends! 
Visit our website to find out more about our wines and cellar door sales.

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